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[Italien]cutting & grinding granites

the diamond saw blades cutting & grinding granite.OD124x flange M14, saving your time.[...]


[China]T-rack mover

We are the initiator of the T-rack mover which is very popular in US.[...]


[China]Outside micrometer

Outside micrometer is a kind of precision measuring tool. It is used for mechanical processing measure & mechanical maintenance measure.Feathures:carbide measuring faces.Paitted frame Resolution: 0.01mm(metric);0.0001"(inch) dimensions:0~25mm, 25~50mm,50~75mm,75~100mm,100mm~125mm,125~150mm, 150~175mm,175~200mm,200mm~225mm,225mm~250mm,250mm~275mm and 275mm~300mm It has metric and inch.It includes ratchet stop,friction thimble and ratchet friction thimble.It also has micrometer sets,outside[...]


[China]diamond wire saw

As the first Chinese company to produce diamond wire saws, Guilin Tebon have more than 8 years of manufactural experience. 50 percent of our products are exported to Noth America, Poland, Australia, India,Spain. Features of our diamond wire saw list following: 1 Beads are cold pressed and sintered, then assembled with high quality plastic (purchased from Bayer) and steel cable imported from Germany. 2. Bead fixing methods: spring holding up, plastic injection, rubber injection, plastic (rubber)[...]


[China]sell all kinds of steel picks, shovels, rakes, hoes and forks

SHOVELS AND SPADES: S526, S512, S501, S525, S509, S519, S510, S503, S539, S511MH, S518L, S519Y, S518Y, S525, S503Y, S501Y . HOES AND FORK HOESS: F105-3T, F111, G502, H301, H304, H305. PICKS: P402, P405,P401, P403, P404, P420, P406, P428. MATCHETS AND KNIVESS: M203, M204B, M253, M227, M206, M212, M201, M213, M214, M204. and other farm tools.[...]


[China]fiberglass backing pad

fiberglass pads layers:6-14 type:T27(flat) .T29(angle) metal ring: 1 or 2 or as requirement inner diameter:16MM,22MM outer dismeter:75MM,85MM,95MM.107MM.117MM.140MM.170MM.180MM. or as requirement applications:used as the backing pads of flap disc The excircle of backing disc id dealed with polishing without burr,The discrepanly of external diameter is less than 1mm,Can be customer-made diameter,thickness and layers. The angle of backing pads can be made in 8°and 9°also[...]


[China]Prefessional Hermetic Compressor for Refrigeration (R134A)

We offer high-efficiency hermetic compressors for refrigerators, freezers, water dispensers, icemakers and beer makers, etc. R134a, R600, R12; Voltage range: 110V, 127V, 220V, 250V; Lower noise, slight vibration, lower starting volt, higher efficiency, less energy consumption and longer usage. Our compressors have passed the testing and identification of the Institute of Chinese home appliances, meanwhile, achieved national CCC authentication, ISO9001-2000, UL, VDE.[...]


[China]Sell Brush Cutter (BC415)

BRUSH CUTTER BC415 Mating Powe: 1E40F-5 Engine Type: Air cooled, 2-Stroke Displacement: 42.7cc Power: 1.2kw Pipe Length: 1650mm Blade: Metal Blade Or Nylon Cutter[...]


[China]Plastic Mould Tips

Our company (T.P.E.) integrated our service for the industry from the customer's idea/invention, product design, mockup samples, mechanical drawing, mould making, up to the finished products, with totally quality control covered full ranges of processes. With strong work team and good experience of the precision plastic mould, T. P. E. Have good ability in the below field: A. Custom construction of injection molding B. 2-shot molding combines two plastic materials injected into the mould to[...]


[China]CH-201-B Series

CH-201-B Series Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamp Hold Down Action Feature Holding Capacity : 198 lb / 90 kg Weight : 0.29 lb / 130 g Bar Opens : 85 degrees Handle Opens : 60 degrees Spindle Supplied : CH-FC-14134 Model No. CH-201-B : U-Bar / Flanged Base CH-201-BI : U-Bar / Straight Base[...]