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[China]Gas pump

GuangBO Vortex Air Pump 3C Certificate Quality; Quality First, Servece First Item Number: GB380, 550, 2200, 3800, 5500 etc. Voltage: 220V, 380V etc. Power: 380W, 550W, 2200W, 3800W, 5500W etc. Frequency: 50Hz or 60Hz Contact us for detailed specfication/information...[...]


[China]GuangBO Vortex Air Pump

GuangBO Vortex Air Pump 3C Certificate Quality; Quality First, Servece First Item Number: GB380 Voltage:220V Power:380W Current:3.56A Frequency:50Hz Max Air Flux:80.0 m3/h Net Weight:12.0KG Contact us for detailed specfication/information...[...]


[China]Guangbo vortex air pump

Guangbo vortex air pump 3c certificate quality; quality first, servece first Item number: Gb2200 Voltage:380v Power:2200w Current:4.66a Frequency:50hz Max air flux:250 m3/h Net weight:32.4kg Contact us for detailed specfication/information...[...]


[Türkei]Sell Bilge pumps for yachts and boats

Proplast A.S manufactures 12 V and 24 V DC driven submersible bilge pumps designed for commercial and pleasure yachts and boats. Our line consists of 1 100, 1 500 , 2 000, 2 500 , and 3 000 GPH models, all of which complies with EN ISO 8849 marine standarts. Combining high flow rates with low electrical current consumption, our pumps feature silent and vibrationless operation, easy to clean base, stainless steel shaft, thermoplastic body and ceramic seal. No burning out during dry running.[...]


[China]DBY Electric Diaphragm Pump

DBY series electric diaphragm pumps are driven with cycloid needle gear reducer in stead of traditional worm & wheel mechanism, widely used for leak proof application in industries like petrochemical, chemical, metallurgy and ceramics etc..[...]


[China]GSJH Double Stage Process Pump

GSJH Double Stage Process Pump Type GSJH pumps, designed in accordance with API610, are double stage horizontal radial split volute casing pumps. Ideal for applications to high temperature, high pressure and inflammable, explosive or toxic liquids. Packing box equipped with cooling and heating pipes and the shaft sealing, either in packing or mechanical seals, shall be equipped with cooling and rinsing systems. Suction and discharge flanges share the same pressure rating ANSI300 Class, up[...]


[China]2BEA LRV Compressor Systems

2BEA LRV Compressor Systems ZIBO Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps and compressors, as the most efficient and biggest vacuum equipment in China first designed and manufactured by V-FLO Pumps & Systems more than 40 years ago, are now widely used in all major industries like Power Plant, Metallurgy, Chemical and petroleum, Refineries and so on.[...]


[China]Oil rotary vacuum pump

Single stage and double stage Voltage (V/Hz):220/50 or 110/60 Free Air Displacement: 1CFM,1.2CFM,2CFM,2.3CFM,3CFM,3.6CFM,4CFM,4.7CFM,7.1CFM,8CFM,9.5CFM Ultimate Vacuum (Pa):5×10-1,6.7×10-2,10 Motor (hp):1/8,1/6,1/4,1/3,1/2,3/4, Rotating speed(r/min):1440,1720,2800,3600 Intake Fitting:1/4SAE 1/2Acme 5/8SAE Oil capacity(ml):160,220,250,480[...]


[Frankreich]ROYTRONIC Electromagnetic Pump

ROYTRONIC® New generation of Milton Roy LMI electronic dosing pump The new generation of Milton Roy well known electronic dosing pumps offers an additional dose of accuracy for an even more attractive cost. The thick wall IXEF reinforced thermoplastic construction, plus integrated metal-plastic structural and magnetic components resulting in vibration and shock resistance, together with a strong automotive type wiring and electrical connectors offers to this new model a better sturdiness than[...]



PRIMEROY® L Second product of Milton Roy compact industrial dosing pump range with a hydraulically actuated diaphragm After the still successful PRIMEROY® K, the new PRIMEROY® L is the second product of Milton Roy range of compact industrial dosing pumps. The PRIMEROY® L is designed around the GSD diaphragm liquid end (Global Security Device – patented). Thanks to this innovative design and its dimensions then dramatically reduced the PRIMEROY® L is just one of the most compact industrial[...]