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[China]helmet visor

This series include over 30 kinds PC helmet visors catering for various weathers, also includes surface hardening, surface anti-fog, vacuum coating and waterproof, anti-impact series products for deep processing, we can provide various customized visors in various colors that customers choose.[...]


[China]Security burglar alarm wallet , Anti-theft wallet

No matter what a thief take your purse , or you are not careful to fall off your purse, this kind of purse will alarm you in loud sound. Wherever the thief go, the sound will follow . Strongly protect your property much more than common wallet.[...]


[China]NFC & RFID OEM Reader Module-13.56Mhz

Key Features: Compact size, easy integration DC 5V or 3.3V low consumption optional Embedding way available with 1.25mm Pitch connector, 2.54mm PIN or Stamp hole External antenna, connectable by 1.25mm pitch connector or IPX Compliant with ISO14443A standard Available with R/W NTAG203, NTAG205,NTAG213,NTAG215,NTAG216 series card ISO18092 NFC Peer-to-Peer communication Testing demo and other SDK files providable Technical Parameters: Frequency 13.56MHz Baudrate 9600-115200bit/s(adjustable,[...]


[China]Long Range RFID Reader for Animal Identification

Key Features: Working frequency:125KHz/ 134.2KHz; Protocol standard:ISO11784/11785; Communication port optional Wiegand 26, RS232,RS485 Reading range: 40cm ~ 45cm;(depends on card/tags size and quality); Power supply with DC 12V,workable with common controller in market Inbuilt Buzzer and LED for status indication Stable function, auto-adapt all different environment; ESD protection, anti-surge protection Technical Parameters: Frequency 125KHz/134.2KHz Protocol[...]


[China]Sell Bulletproof Vest

The key features of our bulletproof vest: • Adjustable side closure design • Light-weight • Effective protection capability and high specific energy absorption • Protective area: 0.5 sq.m • Inner lining to absorb swear/moisture. • Front and back plate pockets • Removable ballistic panels in a water proof sealed PVC bag • Washable outer covers Protection Levels National Institution of Justice (In accordance with NIJ Standard 0101.4) • IIA: Protects against 9mm FMJ[...]


[China]Water Leak Detector Central Unit

Model No.:WLD-CN 1. Connect AC adapter to AC outlet and to central unit. Power LED indicator will light up. 2. Remove insulation sheet at the back of the unit. 3. Sound one beep and Sensor LED will light from Sensor 1 to Sensor 5. 3-1. If any one of the sensor detected water leakage, the corresponding LED will flash until the no detection of leakage. 3-2. If there is no detection of water leakage, all the 5 LED’s will be off. Then the unit will go into Ready to Detect mode. 4. Once the[...]



Dear Sir or Madam: We are premier natural food limited in China. we supply the natural food to the world. now we have roasted buckwheat. Moisture 14% Admixture 0.10% Package: 25kg or 50kg Quantity:25mt/20FCL Delivery time:10-20days Pls get touch with us if you are interested. Best wishes Tina liu[...]


[China]Magnetic card - Loco card

1) Size: 86mm * 54mm 2) Craft: blank card, pre-printed card, Signature Panel ,embossing, numbering, etc. 3) Magnetic stripe width: narrow band, wide band. 4) Options: LoCo(Low Coercivity ): 300oe HiCo(High Coercivity ): 2750oe 5) Magnetic Stripe include: A, 2 tracks - 2 lines of data, first line alpha, second line numeric B, 3 tracks - 3 lines of data, first line alpha, second & third line numeric C, levels of coercivity - 3 levels of resistance to demagnetization (harder to encode and erase).[...]


[China]self inflatable flood bags

Availabe is self inflatable flood bags suitable for blocking flood entering your home and garage. Features: 1) Material: jute specially treated with SAP 2) Inflatable when immerged into water 3) Can be used as sandbags to block flood from overflowing 4) Can be used to protect homes, warehouses, public buildings from flood 5) Have special advantages in areas where there is a lack of such resources as sands and rocks 6) Environment friendly, can be reused for two or three times 7)[...]


[China]SK-5 Phone Jammer (can work without time limit)

we can design and develop any types of cell phone jammers for different clients' demands. Introduction: SK-5 cellular jammer is the new release information security product of cellular jammer. The principle of cellular jammer is sending the disturbance signal that is the same frequency to the downlink to the cell phone base station. Cellular jammer blocks the logical signal channel like GSM, CDMA, 3G, PHS, DCS, GPS, Wireless Video, etc. In the efficient jamming area the cellular[...]