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[China]linden flower

We have new crop Linden flower(kuan-tuan tze-tuan ), it gather from lime or linden tree, it is wild and natural, no pesticide. Each year, we can provide 300 tons. We package it in new poly bales compress 50kg, or different kinds of mesh, according to client’s demand.[...]


[Argentinien]Water dispenser

WATER DISPENSER The new line of Ushuaia 02 dispensers minimizes power consumption. Their main difference from other dispensers is its fast-cooling feature and the boiler’s immediate response to heating while in use. Cabinet Design and Details. Front, upper cover, grid and collecting tray injected in ABS. Metal structure. The upper cover has a slot to prevent fluids from spilling over electric pieces. Conceived to be used in different environments, thanks to its reduced size and neutral colors. Cooling[...]


[Argentinien]Automatic ice maker in cube

AUTOMATIC ICE MAKER IN CUBES Daily production: 440 lbs - 200 kgs. Cabinet: Stainless steel. Internal AISI 304 - external AISI 430. Compressor: Hermetic 1 HP Unitermetic-Tecumseh - origin: France, 220 Volts 50Hz. Circuit cold water recuperator. Filling control of deposit with automatic stopped. Composed of three sections: Upper: production section. Medium: collector section of the ice cubes. Low: Unit of cold, concentrates the generating components of cold and other mechanical elements[...]


[China]oregano cut

Oregano belongs to the family of Spicery Plant, it having a special flavour, and it also called origanum and organy. oregano is one of the primary breed of our company, we can supply about 800 ton per season. The whole products are natural and wild, and fragrant and sweet,also the oregano oil tried out by our products, they have a very high content . Through our company process elaborately, they were press by machine to standard piece of 50 kg. Also, our products were distributed to occident,[...]


[China]tiliae flower

tiliae flower, an herb derived from various species of Tilia, or lime tree, Flowers from two linden species (Tilia cordata and Tilia platypus) In ancient China, linden leaves was used to promote sweating and used in many cough. tiliae flower is one of the primary breed of our company, each season we can provide about 200 ton,the more, the whole products are natural and wild. Through our company process elaborately, they were press by machine to standard piece of 50 kg. Our products were distributed[...]


[China]Mechanical Great-Wall Dual Clipper

Mechanical Great-Wall Dual Clipper Model No.: JCSK-A Product Origin: China Detailed Product Description: This is a proprietary product in China, built with the Japan Panasonic servo motor as the drive system, the man-machine interface from Taiwan and the Japan Mitsubishi PLC. It is designed with the state-of-the-art forced wire-feed mechanism, featuring precise and clear action. It ranks the leader position in China in terms of productivity and equipment faults.[...]


[China]Frozen-Meat Grinder

Frozen-Meat Grinder Model No.: JR120, 160, 200 Product Origin: China Detailed Product Description: This grinder is specially designed to chop the frozen meat at -18º C and -24ºC,can produce different sizes of minced meat and slices by changing the cutter. No obvious temperature rise can be made on the products, so the minimum bacteria level can be maintained for your products while the hemoglobin can be properly preserved, greatly improving the shelf life of your products. It also boasts[...]


[China]sell food processing machinery

We are professional Fumigating Oven manufacturer and factory in China. We can produce Fumigating Oven according to your requirements. More types of Fumigating Oven wanted, please contact us right now! Main Products: VACUUM Quantitative STUFFER, Mechanical Quantitative Stuffer[...]


[Dänemark]Microwave Popcorn - Ready, Hot, with over than 10 flavours.

We need agents and distributors all over the world. Detailed Product Description Ready and hot to eat in only 3 minutes, just put the pack in microwave at your home or office for max 4 minutes, it will be ready, you didn't need use any other thing. You can find it in 11 different flavors, f. ex. 1- Salt. 2- Butter. 3- Vanille 4- Cheese. 5- Chocholate. New New and Hot product all over the world.[...]


[China]Manual Clipper

Manual Clipper Model No.: SHDK50 Product Origin: China Detailed Product Description: This Clipper is characterized of compact construction, light weight, good appearance, simple structure, reliable performance, corrosion prevention, flexibility and long life span, and it is ideal equipment for you to start up your meat-borne food career.[...]