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[China]sea buckthorn ((Hippophae Rhamnoides , Rokitnik, Espino Amarillo,San)

We are currently selling Sea buckthorn products as following: 1). Sea buckthorn Fruit( Pulp ) oil 2). Sea buckthorn seed oil 3). Sea buckthorn concerntrated juice 4). Seabuckthorn powder 5). Seabuckthorn flavone skype(capt.leeu)[...]


[China]sea buckthorn Pulp Oil(Hippophae , Rokitnik,Sanddorn)

Seabuckthorn Fruit(pulp) oil from Yiyang Biochem --Active ingredient: Seabuckthorn pulp oil(extraced by centrifugal separation from raw pulp) is rich in saturated fatty acidswhich including : Palmitic acid C16:0 25 – 35% Palmitoleic acid C16: 1 28 – 35% (Omega 7 ) Oleic acid C18:1 20 – 30% (Omega 9) Linoleic acid C18:2 2.0 – 8.0 % Linolenic acid C18:3 1.0 – 2.1% And also high carotenoids(total[...]


[Kamerun]Refined Sunflower Cooking Oil

100% refined sunflower oil for cooking 1. Natural sunflower seeds made, environment friendly. 2. Made by professional machine,100% of purity,the colors match well. 3. Derived from Cameroon to International demand 4. Type: refined sunflower oil and crude sunflower oil 5. Excellent manufacturer , professional production for cooking use ,good reputations. Sunflower oil is commonly used in food as a frying oil. Restaurants and food manufacturers are becoming aware of the health benefits of[...]


[Kamerun]Alkaline Cocoa Powder

Cocoa powder is a kind of nutritious food, which contains not only high-calorie fat but also rich protein and carbohydrate. Cocoa powder also contains certain amount of alkaloid, theobromine and theine, which function to dilate blood vessels and promote blood circulation. Consuming cocoa products is very beneficial to human health. Natural cocoa beans are used to go through screening, roasting, grinding, alkalization, sterilization, machine pressing, milling and other processes on imported hydraulic[...]


[Kamerun]Fructose powder

1:Fructose powder 2:MOQ: 23 MT 3:Appearance:white crystal powder 4:Assay:98.0-102.0% Fructose powder Appearance: white crystal powder Assay:98.0-102.0% PH:4.5-7.0 Loss on drying:<=0.5% Total Bac:<=1000cfu/g Residue on ignition:<=0.5% Molecular formula: C6H12O6 Molecular weight: 180.16 Package: 25KG/BAG 14-15MT/FCL PAPER BAG Characteristics: Fructose is white crystallized powder,sweet taste,tasting twice as sweet ae sucrose,and tastes particularly sweet when cold or[...]


[Kamerun]Monosodium Glutamate

Product Details: Product Name: Monosodium Glutamate Purity: 99%, 97%, 80%, 70%, 60% or as per customers’ requests Color: Colorless to white crystals or powder Certification ISO, HACCP, HALAL, COSHER Packaging Materials: Bags, cartons, boxes, or as per customers’ requests Packaging Details 1lb×25 bags×2 boxes/ctn, 815 ctns/20' FCL. 1lb×10 bags×5 boxes/ctn, 815 ctns/20' FCL. 400g/454g×20 bags×2 boxes/ctn. 200g/227g×40 bags×2 boxes/ctn. 15g×20 pcs/pkg,[...]


[Iran]dried fruit

iran , dried fruit , raisin , sultana , dates , sayer , piarom , zahedi , fig ,chopped fig , cube fig, press fig , soft fig , saffron tea , tea,dried apple ,dried kiwi , dried banana ,dried mango ,dried Pear,dried Persimon,dried Peach,dried Apricot,dried Strawberry[...]


[Kamerun]Frozen potato french fries

frozen potato Chips Origin: Cameroon. Color: Characteristic color of yellow Size: 9x9mm Product Description: Frozen Potatoes are produced from fresh,clean,sound,whole and immature seed of cauliflower selected top quality material come from our farms in accordance with GMP. Product Crafts: Frozen Potatoesare sufficiently blanched and frozen by an appropriate process to give free flowing peas to ensure adequate stability of color and flavor. Physical Characteristics: Origin:Douala,[...]


[Türkei]Cocoa Powder, Butter and Liquor Offer !

Dear Sirs , We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Cocoa Products since 11 years in China . We import cocoa beans from Ghana and Indonesia and after process export worldwide. Please find below some of the products that we can offer competitive price, approved quality and immediate shipment. 1. Natural Cocoa Powder 2. Alkalized Cocoa Powder 3. Black Cocoa Powder 4. Reddish Cocoa Powder 5. Cocoa Butter 6. Cocoa Liquor 7. Cocoa Cake I look forward to hear your inquiries[...]


[Thailand]Bonal cream

Bonal cream We are a leader since 1988 in stretch marks prevention creams (striae prevention cream), distributed in many countries. We will introduce you in this very interesting niche market. Basically available in 50g and 200g PE tubes (other sizes on request) Our brand Bonal or your label welcome. Because of our experience many scientific files & studies in this field available - inlcluding double blind trial ! Leaflets and promo-leaflets for the pregnant woman in many languages[...]