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[Indien]Pipettes and Pipettors

Jr. Pipette Accumax Junior Pipette Min Jr. Pipette. Minimum size with maximum accuracy Calibration through EN ISO 8655 Two stop plunger ,Fully Autoclavable Minimum size with maximum accuracy. Calibration through EN ISO 8655 Two stop plunger Fully Autoclavable Beautiful color coded for easy volume identification. Low price[...]


[China]Porcelain funnel (buchner funnel)

With Perforated Filter Dise, Glazed. Capacity(ml):10-6500 Inside Diam(mm):20-300[...]


[China]Laboratory glassware

Beaker, flask, dish, test tube, bottles, distilling tube, condenser, connections and joints, weithing bottle, wash bottle, drying tube, desiccator, motar and pestle, reagent bottle, specimen jar, funnel, graduate, volumetric flask, burette, and many glassware with standard joints.[...]


[USA]Latex Gloves

Our first quality Latex Gloves, for medical or industrial use. Our medical grade examination gloves are the preferred choice for medical, dental, food service, and other applications that may require gloves which have passed stringent quality control test. All gloves are available as lightly powdered or powder-free in nitrile, vinyl, and latex. Medical grade gloves meet or exceed FDA and USDA standards. Our non-medical grade disposable gloves provide excellent barrier protection while[...]


[China]EXRH-SA1 Sperm Analyzer

Function: Automatically display whole image, accuracy ≥96% High resolution LCD monitor. Make sure the sperm alive on the constant temperatured board . Get the images of sperm samples by microscope. Then delivery the information by capture card to the PC. Automatically show the amount,density,activity,livability and movement image of sperm with he help of Analysis Software. Main examination items: Amount: total amount; malformed rate; malformed amount; head malformation; tail malformation[...]


[China]EXRH-500 Trolley Type Sperm Analyzer

Technical Parameters Maximum of the tested sperms: 1000 The range of test speed: 0-180µm/s The frame number of picture: 0-75 Resolution of particle diameter: 0-150µm/s The analysis time: 1-5 seconds or longer Group number of collected images: 1-15 groups, applicable magnification of microscope objective lens: 10x.20x.25x.40x The displayed content of sperm test system is no less than: 1) distribution curve of static sperms, 2) the features data of semen and statistical data from analysis[...]


[China]Embedding Center YD-6L

Whole machine is made up of embedding machine, freezing part, fission body plan. The detachable design can be flexibly selected between embedding machine and freezing part . Its leak-proof is good. It can be opened agilely. It is leak -proof and drop-proof. The LCD display can show you the temperatures of the paraffin bath, thermostatic bath and paraffin nozzle. So the user can operator it very easily. It have multilevel security protection system. Technical Data 1) Melting paraffin prefabricate:[...]


[China]Elisa Kit for HBV PreS2

Brief Introduction Exclusive in China With the kit, you can find if you’re infected with HBV now! With the kit, you can find the prognosis of your HBV now! Characteristics of the kit Highly sensitive: The minimum detection quantity can reach the ng class. Highly specific: This center’s PreS2 cell line is established directed at the specific points PreS2 a and PreS2 b in the PreS2 sequence to ensure the specificity of detected PreS2 and anti-PreS2. Quite stable: The mature production[...]


[China]Cockroach Trap(with sticker and bait)

Around kitchen sink, gas stove, refrigerator, cupboard, closet, bathroom and Around kitchen sink, gas stove, refrigerator, cupboard, closet, bathroom and Around kitchen sink, gas stove, refrigerator, cupboard, closet, bathroom and Around kitchen sink, gas stove, refrigerator, cupboard, closet, bathroom and[...]


[China]Transfer Pipette

Yellow plastic 20 pieces / set[...]