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[Taiwan]General Purpose Bath RBA-100

Model No. : RBA-100 Product Name : General Purpose Bath Specification : Voltage AC 110/220V Working Range +5~80ºC Control Range PID Stability ±0.3ºC Heater 300W Cooling No Stirring No Shaking Speed No Pump Flow No Reservoir 4.5 Liters N.W. 6 KGS G.W. 8 KGS Packing (LxWxH) 37X27X35cm[...]


[China]Porcelain funnel (buchner funnel)

With Perforated Filter Dise, Glazed. Capacity(ml):10-6500 Inside Diam(mm):20-300[...]


[China]Laboratory glassware

Beaker, flask, dish, test tube, bottles, distilling tube, condenser, connections and joints, weithing bottle, wash bottle, drying tube, desiccator, motar and pestle, reagent bottle, specimen jar, funnel, graduate, volumetric flask, burette, and many glassware with standard joints.[...]


[China]Medical indisfection basket

Production name: medical disinfection basket, medical disinfection shelve. We are a special enterprise for producing various styles of stainless steel disinfection basket and disinfection shelve The main material: 304、304L、316、316L stainless steel electric welding mesh, stainless steel braiding net, stainless steel punching mesh. Capability: nontoxic, tasteless, stable and durable. It is mainly used in disinfection of Medical Apparatus, food appliance, laboratory, etc. The productions’[...]


[China]Cover glasses & glass slides

We offer very good gover glasses & glass slides in competitive price.[...]


[Indien]Pipettors and Controllers

Pipette Controller Accumax Pipette Controller Can fill 25 ml pipet under 4 seconds Safety valve and hydrophobic filters provide double protection against fluid penetration Two different speed modes - High & Low along with Gravity drain.The pump speed can also be fine-tuned by varying finger Pressure on operating knobs for better control of speed Cadmium free environment friendly NiMH batteries. Batteries can be changed very easily by the user The intelligent charger prevents[...]


[China]laboratory plastic ware

We offer various of laboratory products such as tip,pipette,petri sidh,centrifuge tube and etc[...]



Pelleve uses the advanced radiowave technology of the Ellman International Surgitron® Dual RF™ S5 and a proprietary Pelleve handpiece to precisely deliver energy through the skin to the dermal tissue beneath without damaging the epidermis. This gentle heating of the deeper dermal tissue induces collagen denaturization and contraction. As the dermal tissue recovers, new collagen synthesis occurs, which creates a tightening effect. The result is a noticeable improvement in skin quality and appearance[...]


[Taiwan]Laboratory faucet and safety

We are a manufacturer of all kind laboratory faucet and safety fittings from Taiwan and China,[...]


[China]LED ring light for Microscope AC-LED-BF-403

Product Description This LED ring light is the accessories of microscope, by way of illumination for microscope. Feature: * Long life LED of 20,000 hous,and 40x lighting efficiency compared of fluorescengt lamp. * Light intensity adjustment 0~100%. * Intensity over 2500lux(working distance in 80mm). * Color unchanged when you adjust intensity Product Specification/Models Specification/AC-LED * Input: AC Voltage 110 or 240V 50Hz/60Hz * Power 8W or 10W, admeasure in 36pcs or 48pcs[...]