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[China]Cashmere yarn, Silk yarn, Merino wool yarn

Beijing Richman International Trade Co.,Ltd is manufacturer and exporter of carded cashmere yarn, worsted cashmere yarn, pure cashmere , cashmere blended with silk/cotton/wool, etc., yarn count from 3/1nm to 60/2nm ,100% spun silk yarn and yarn count from 28nm to 200nm, 100% mercerized merino wool yarn from 24nm to 120nm, single/double ply, natural white, colour for machine knitting sweater and hand knitting sweater, and weaving for scarves, shawl, fabric, etc. so if you are interested in them please[...]


[Türkei]Quality Turkish towels and bathrobes

We can supply and already export stocklot or regular Turkish towels and bathrobes with a very competitive prices. If you interest please feel free to contact us.[...]


[China]sell yarn dyed shirting fabric

we have thousands of new designs and colors, pls contact me. yarn count from 21's to 80's. width:57/58". for shirts.[...]


[China]strobel insole

We have 15 production lines to produce Stitch-Bonded Cloth (14F & 22F, White & Black) & Strobel Insole (White Color & Grey Cloth, Single Side & Double Sides), the Chinese Best Manufacturer. If you are interested in them, pls feel free to contact with us. And, you are welcomed to visit us at any time.[...]


[China]Sell yarn dyed seersucker fabric

We produce various kinds of yarn dyed fabrics, such as poplin check or stripe, twill, seersucker, flannel,chambray, oxford, crinkle, dobby,fil-A-fil and so on. And their stretch quality. Material can be cotton, linen, viscose, polyester and their mixed material. email: fabrics888@hotmail.com nicexu1971@yahoo.com.cn fax:86-512-58981682[...]


[Taiwan]Colored yarn

Colored yarn consists of dope dye .CD. polyester to conjugate together. Colored yarn vary with different proportion of material. Denier is from 210D~410D. Product usage: checker, suit and curtain. 390D/180F is the symbol of colored yarn . It not only has ITY effect and abundant color in the fabric but also soft touch-feeling.[...]


[China]Wool Yarn

Wool Yarns 1), Regular counts : 2/28Nm, 2/32Nm , 2/36Nm , 2/40Nm , 3/45Nm, 1/48Nm , 2/48Nm,3/49Nm, 1/52Nm, 2/52Nm , 2/58Nm ,1/65Nm ,2/70Nm , 1/80Nm,2/80Nm . 2), Single ply / 2 ply / 3 ply . 3), In hank / on cone . 4), Color: raw white / dyed . 5), End use: for knitted Socks ,Sweaters, Tippets ,Scarves, Underwears , Caps ,Fabrics etc.[...]


[China]Mercerized Wool Yarns

Mercerized Wool Yarns 1), Regular counts : 2/28 Nm,2/32 Nm , 2/36Nm , 2/48Nm,2/52 Nm , 2/58 Nm ,2/70Nm . 2), Single ply / 2 ply / 3 ply . 3), In hank / on cone . 4), Color: raw white / dyed . 5), End use: for knitted Sweaters,Underwears, Socks ,etc.[...]


[China]Wool Acrylic Yarn

Wool / Acrylic Blended Yarns 1), Regular counts :2/24 Nm , 2/28 Nm,1/30 Nm ,1/36Nm ,2/36Nm ,2/48Nm,1/52Nm ,2/52Nm , 1/54Nm,2/54 Nm,2/64 Nm. 2), Single ply / 2 ply / 3 ply . 3), Ratio: Wool/Acrylic = 90/10 - 30/70 . 4), In hank / on cone . 5), Color: raw white / dyed . 6), End use: for knitted sweaters, socks,etc .[...]


[China]Throw and Blanket

Jaquard throw and fleece rug to be able made by from our customer design[...]