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[China]Sell armani, burberry, dior, fendi scarf

Welcome to shoetobag co.,ltd.., We can provide variety styles of high quality fashion products such as gucci andbags,chanel, chloe handbags, coach purses, prada handbags, fendi bags and jewelry,clothing,coat,hoody, air jordan shoes,air force one,puma,dunk,kobe,dunk,bape shoes etc. The shipping method will be DHL, EMS, FEDEX, UPS, SODEXI, TNT // about 3-7 days to reach your door. Online tracking is available for you, fast and safe. For more information, welcome to our website.[...]


[China]Microfiber Peach Printed Fabric

Microfiber peach printed Features: 1) Composition: 100% polyester 2) Specification: 75D x 150D / 139 x76 3) Width: 57/58" 4) Weight: 113gsm 5) Finishing: W/R + printed 6) Suitable for making jackets, shirts and curtains[...]


[China]Silk Georgette Fabric

Silk georgette 10102 Features: 1) Composition: 100% silk 2) Construction: 10m/m 10102 3) Width: 43/44" 4) Weight: 43gsm 5) Finishing: printed 6) Suitable for making evening dresses and ladies' dresses,scarf, handkerchief[...]


[China]Polyester Satin Printed Fabric

Features: 1) Composition: 100%polyester 2) Construction: 50Dx75D/215x90 3) Weight: 83gsm 4) Width: 57 / 58" 5) Finish: plain dyed+W/R+printed 6) Suitable for underwear, neckties, dresses, bedspread etc…[...]


[China]Polyester Taffeta Fabric(Lining Fabric)

210T Polyester Taffeta 1.Composition: 100% polyester 2.Construction: 63D x 63D/210T 3.Weight : 65gsm 4.Width : 57/58" 5.Finishing : plain dye 6.Suitable for lining fabric,leisure-wear etc...[...]


[China]Plain Polyester Peach Skin Fabric

We specialize in peach skin and it is available for plain dyeing, PU/PA coating and milky coating. It is waterproof. Features: 1) Specification: 75Dx150D 100% polyester 2) Density: 144 x 76 3) Weight: 96g±2g 4) Width: 57", 58" 5) Finish: plain dyeing + waterproof + milky coating Inner packing: Poly bags[...]


[China]Silk Spandex Satin Fabric

Silk spandex satin Features: 1) Composition: 100% silk 2) Construction: 19m/m 3) Width: 43/44" 4) Weight: 82gsm 5) Finishing: plain dyed 6) Suitable for making evening dresses and ladies' dresses,underwear[...]


[China]Nylon/Poly Taffeta Fabric(Lining Fabric)

Features: 1. Composition:100% nylon 2. Specification:190T/230T/260T/272T/300T/310T 3. Width: 58/60inch 4. Finishing: Plain/Twill/ dyed/Printed/rip top/demi-dull/full –dull 5. Coating:PVC/PU/PA available[...]


[China]Nylon oxford 210D with flame retardant PU coated

.Nylon oxford 210D with flame retardant PU coated Features: 1) Composition: nylon+PU 2) Construction: 210D x 210D /112 3) Width: 57/58" 4) Weight: 110gsm 5) Finishing: plain dyed + PU coated 6) Suitable for jackets,tents,cover, bags and luggage[...]


[China]Table Cloth

We produce goods as per buyer's specific requirments. Material: Cotton/polyester Goods: Jacquard tablecloth, napkin, cushion cover, curtain etc.[...]