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[China]CCA wood preservative

Wood preservative CCA - C is in the world today considered as the widely used water-soluble compound preservative with optimal performance and best effect.Because of its resistence to corrosion, termites, maggot it is widely used in industrial lumber and wooden products such as wooden pole, marine wood, wooden sleeper, cooling tower, wooden pile and other outdoor wooden products. CCA-C wood preservative is kind of claybank concentrated solution with strong anticorrosion ability. I can fix the wood[...]


[China](R)-Glycidyl Tosylate

CAS:113826-06-5 DESCRIPTION White to off white solid SPECIFIC ROTATION (°) -16.0~ -18.0 MELTING POINT 46-49℃ LOSS OF DRYING MAX 0.6% ASSAY NLT98.0% ENANTIOMERIC EXCESS >99% OPTICAL PURITY >99%[...]



We will undertake cooperation with companies looking for packages from plastic- blister type in any shape. We handle ourselves of blisters folded from 2 elements as well as drawpieces, fibre mats and stabilising trays. We have the possibility to pack and weld the merchandise in our company.[...]


[Bangladesh]business deal

Incepted in early 1995 ILA TRADERS is one of Bangladesh's leading trading house of exportable commodities of Bangladesh & producer of Margosa // NEEM Oil, Seed and Cake. Our stuff has long years of experience in organized cultivation product sourcing and processing. We have over the years established a special marks for our sale in the Margosa/NEEM trade. We provide exceptionally Margosa // NEEM product that meet both the US and European quality and Hygiene standards. Our Certifications[...]


[Bangladesh]margosa oil(herbal) from bangladesh

No. Product Name Price 1. Neem Expeller Oil (300-1000ppm) Suggested Retail: $20.95 - Sales Price $14.67 (30% Discount) ** 12 Bottles for $151.00 (40% Discount) ** ** Subject to negotiate with buyers. Ingredients : Standardized extract of Azadirachita Indica (10:1 extract ratio, 3% Bitters) 2. Neem Expeller Oil (1500-2200ppm)[...]


[China]14mm standard DVD box single/double

14mm standard DVD box - single / double -- Premium High Quality Grade AA -- made by PP material -- for 12cm standard Disc -- Available in customized Hub -- Available in all colors[...]


[Indien]Walnut Shell Grains

This product is obtain by crushing the shell of walnut fruit. It is known as soft type of abrasive and used for blast cleaning of any surface and engin parts without scratching the surface. It is used in west water filteration process to remove solids, oil and harmful contaminents. It is also used in cosmetics to mfg skin scrubs.[...]


[China]Magnesium sulfate

we are the manufactory specialized in the manufacture and sales of sulfamic acid, magnesium sulphate, magnesium sulphate fertilizer etc. Keeping to the business philosophy of "Being Quality First, People Foremost, Customer Centered", we will provides you not only our high-quality, low-price products but also the excellent service Molecular Formula: MgSO4•7H2O. Molecular weight:246.48. Technological index ( MgSO4¡¤7H2O)%:≥98.0 iron (Fe)%:≤ 0.005 (as Cl)chloride%:≤[...]


[China]photoluminescent pigment

Our long-after glow photo-luminescent pigment can Emits light by absorption of various visible lights and can be repeatedly used. The products do not contain any radiating elements and can be evenly spread as an additive among the transparent agents such as coating, ink, paint, plastics, cereal, glass, fiber to activate the emitting functions of the agents. The pigment of the type takes on its natural color in bright places and emits different colors of lights in darkness. It can be used for emergent[...]


[China]Tear tape

We are tear tapes manufacturer, Hair Gold Line, Solid red, Single Silver, Hot-melt, holographic etc, all sizes are available.Our tapes are widely used in the packing of cigarettes, medicines, Audio-visual product together with the films. Certificated ISO9001, ISO14000, OHSMS18000, all of our products are high in quality and lower in price. More information, pls feel free to contact me. Thanks![...]