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[China]Cementitious Elastic Waterproof Product

This is a two-compound product made of mainly acrylic-resin and stable, reliable cement. It has a very good adherence and forms a firm and elastic waterproof membrane with excellent mechanics. It can withstand vibrations of building structures and can seal loose substrate materials and bind the seams of pre-poured concrete structures. It can be used for positive and negative waterproofing. It is suitable for use in wet environments and has good weather resistant qualities. There is no need for special[...]


[Thailand]Cement-based tile adhesive for tile installation

HICEM adhesive dry-set mortar is maufactured specifically for wall and floor tiling and provides excellent adhesion between ordinary concrete or plaster background and ceramic tiles, natural stone tiles or mosaics. Hicem adhesive provides superior properties allowing for adequate time to place individual tiles and creates a permanent bond, resistant to vibration or temperature variations. These products are particularly effective in ceramic and porcelain installation, using medium-bed technique application.[...]


[Thailand]latex adhesive ready-mixed mortar

Hicem Ready-Mixed Mortar: is a simple high-grade material used in all types of tile application, especially for repairs. It is instant powdered latex without any additional of cement or sand[...]


[Ungarn]Portland Cement

Portland Cement Portland Cement 1.steady and high quality,abrasion resistance 2.low fluctuate,good strength grade. 3.experienced manufacturer Product: Ordinary Portland Cement Type : 42.5 42.5R Rage of application: Can be use for Bridges, wharfs, roads, high rise buildings and other construction works. Applied to large volume concrete project. Product: Composite Portland Cement Type: 32.5 32.5R Rage of application: Ordinary industrial and civil constructions, real estate[...]


[China]cement clinker

Being specialized in export of all types of Chinese cement and clinker , we have superiority to offer you the lowest price in this line and supply P. O 42.5 & 42.5R and 52.5 & 52.5R ( GB175-1999), P.I 42.5R ( GB175-1999 equivalent to BS12-1996) and P.II 42.5R (GB 175-1999), ASTM C150 Type I and clinker of any kind ![...]


[China]cement 52.5R

PO52.5ORDINARY PORTLAND CEMENT(CHINESE STANDARD:GB175-1999) 项目 CHINESE STANDARD 工厂FACTORY Standard P.O52.5(STANDARD:GB175-1999) actual data MgO ≤5.0% 3.0% SO3 ≤3.5% 3.0% Loss on Ignition ≤5.0% 4.5% Fineness ≤10.0% 2.0% Initial Setting Time >45min 60:min Final Setting Time ≤600:min 240min Bending Strength 3 days >5.0[...]


[China]China cement ASTM C-150 TYPE I

ASTM C150 TYPE I CHEMICAL COMPOSITION Silicon Diox ide (SiO2) >20 Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3) <6.8 Ferric Oxide (Fe2O3) <6 Calcium Oxide (CaO) <66 Magnesium Oxide (MgO%) <6 Sulphur Trioxide (SO3),<3.0 Loss Of Ignition (LOI) < 3.0 Insoluble Residue % <1.3 Tricalcium Silicate (C3S%) <60 Dicalcium Silicate (C2S%) <25 Tricalcium Aluminate (C3A%) <8 Tricalcium Alumino Ferrice (C4AF%) <12 PHYSICAL AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES Blain CM2/GR 3.250 Autoclave[...]


[China]cement 42.5

(OPC) ORDINARY PORTLAND CEMENT(CHINESE STANDARD:GB175-1999) 项目 P.O42.5R(STANDARD:GB175-1999) 工厂指标FACTORY Standard P.O42.5R(STANDARD:GB175-1999) actual data MgO ≤5.0% ≤3.0% SO3 ≤3.5% ≤3.0% Loss on Ignition ≤5.0% ≤4.5% Fineness ≤10.0% ≤8.0% Initial Setting Time >0:45 h:min >0:60h:min Final Setting[...]


[Indien]Indian Origin cement

Sir, Pls do contact undersigned thr phone:+919444217071 or write immediately for your Buyers' need of Indian Origin OPC43 Grade with an immediate shipment basis of about 1.2million tonnes shall be made available, pls rush with current dated end Buyer's ICPO and BCL Regards/ss hariharasubramanian[...]


[Südkorean]Steel fiber

Steel fiber is the reinforcing materials for concrete made of short and small circled steel wire. Concrete is mixed with hydrate-cement, fine aggregate and 0.25~2 volume % of steel fiber. Steel fiber is the material for improving physical properties of concrete such as ductility, tensile strength, bending, crack. The type of products are bundle and single.[...]