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[China]Firebrick Panel

The panels provide a realistic brick and stone appearance. They can be made in different size, color and patterns.[...]


[China]Aluminum Cell ceiling

Advantage: 1, Nice looking ,fashion design, rigorous structures and clear lines; 2, Sound- absorbability 3. Environmental--friendly, doesn't alter its composition, durable and recycle. 4, Fireproof 5, Easy installation Description: Material: Aluminum alloy Size: 50x50,75x75,100x100,110x110,125x125,150x150,200x200 250x250,300x300 Thickness: 0.3 mm-0.8mm or custom make Height: 30mm 35mm 40mm 45mm 50mm 60mm 70mm 80mm Width:10mm,15mm and 20mm Length:2000mm,or custom made within[...]


[China]EPS profile

We offer light-weight EPS buidling material which are suitable for the external and the interior decoration of the buildings, private housing, and villas etc. They are light-weight and easy to install so that they can save both the costs and the time.[...]


[Polen]PVC slat straight line 2.5 m

PVC slat straight line: - excellent plasticity: free finishing angles and all irregular, oval forms of plaster panels with the use bent - good adhesion of fillers - simple and fast assembly - white PVC material: invisible after applying a coat of paint - low weight; light in the transport - resistance for mechanical deformations both while storing on the site as well as after installing: dents are missing - chemical indifference: resistance to action of damp, weather conditions and[...]


[Polen]Figurative mosaics

Hand-made ceramic mosaics from 1/1 cm tiles. Photo-realistic. We offer the possibility of creating mosaics according to a customer's own design.[...]


[China]Aluminum composite panel

Features: 1.Extremely rigid though lightweight. 2.Energy-saving and environment-friendly with insulation of sound and heat produced through environment-protective process. 3.Easy to be fabricated and installed with good bending characteristics. 4.Safe to use with fire resistance and non-toxicity. 5.Long use-life with superior weather resistance and durability to ultraviolet rays by PVDF and Nano coating. 6.Varible in usage including good ink adhesion in silk and digital printing. 7.Elegant[...]


[China]aluminum composite panels

Panel thickness: 1.5-8mm Width: <1570mm Aluminum skin thickness: 0.10-0.60mm[...]


[China]PVC Tile Trim

1.thickness:1.0mm—1.3mm 2.length:2.6m or according to customer's requirement. 3.packaging: 10 pcs/plastic bag ,100 pcs/bag or carton 4.variety active colour and vivid design are available.(or according to the customer's requirement.) 5.height:8cm~12cm[...]


[China]Aluminium tile trim

This product is a position to install to turn in the ceramic tile cape bend, making the curved place in Cape become the arc form with the not easy damage 1.thickness:0.7mm—1.2mm 2.length:2.6m or according to customer's requirement. 3.packaging: 10 pcs/plastic bag and 100 pcs/bag or carton 4.colour: anodizing, bright silver,gold mirror finish as well as various powder coating color. 5.height:8~12cm[...]


[China]Glasfasergewebe, Alkali Glasfasernetz, Glasfasergewebe 145g/m2, Glasfasergewebe 160g/m2

Schlüsselwörter des Glasfasergewebe: Glasfasergewebe, Alkali Glasfasernetz, Glasfasergewebe 145g/m2, Glasfasergewebe 160g/m2, Glasfasergewebe 110g/m2, weiß Glasfasergewebe, fierglasss net, Glasfasernetz Tuch, Glasfasergewebe, Glasfaser Roving, Glasfasergewebe mit weißer Farbe, Glasfasergewebe 40'HQ, Glasfasergewebe 20 & acuteGP, 20 & acuteft fiberglasss mesh, Glasfasergewebe Tuch, Gewebe, Tuch, Glasfasergewebe, Glasfasermatte 50m2, Glasfasergewebe, Drahtgeflecht, blau Glasfasergewebe,[...]