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[China]Aluminium Window Aluminium Door

We are the expert supplier for alumnium Windows & aluminium Doors, aluminium shutters in China, there are various modern designed tyles available, with high performance and most compeitive costs. a. Aluminium Sliding windows and doors b. Aluminium Insulation windows and doors (Energy saving and thermal breaking) c. Aluminium Shutters (Automatic & Manual system) d. Aluminium Casement windows and doors e. Special designed windows and doors f. Accessories for windows and doors g.Glazing:[...]


[China]PVC Wood Door

Structure: Door Wing: HDF Board + PVC Veneer + (Honeycomb)+ Fir Solid Wood Skeleton. Door Frame: Multiply Wood Board + HDF Board + PVC Veneer.[...]



Wooden, the plastic, aluminium internal, external[...]


[China]Steel Security Door

1) Material: cold-rolled steel a) Steel sheet of door leaf: 0.5 - 1.0mm b) Steel sheet of door frame: 1.2 - 1.5mm 2) Surface finishing: heat-transfer 3) Filling material: honeycomb 4) Accessories: hinges, locks, handles, viewer, doorbell, rubber seal, and installing bolts 5) Standard size: 96 x 205cm (86 x 205 for optional), customized sizes available 6) Door leaf thickness: 50mm, 70mm, 90mm 7) Weight: 65 - 68kg 8) Lock handle position: on left/on right 9) Opening direction:[...]


[China]Steel Interior Door

Structure: Door Wing: High Quality Steel Sheet(Heat Transfer Printing) + Fir Solid Wood Skeleton + Honeycomb. Door Frame: Multiply Wood Board + HDF Board + PVC Veneer.[...]


[China]PVC Wooden Door

1) Material: a) Door panel:HDF panel, PVC film finish. b) Door frame:HDF panel, PVC film finish. c) Main board of door frame:HDF panel, PVC film finish. d) Out covering of door frame:PVC steel, PVC film finish. 2) Filling material: wood skeleton +honeycomb paper. 3) Standard size of door panel: 2, 000 x 800 x 40mm(also can be customized). 4) Opening direction: inward / outward, left handle / right handle. 5) Design and color: various patterns. 6) OEM is available.[...]



Made entirely in aluminium Fastening plates in galvanised steel Robust materials that remain unaffected over time The height of the stator is 45 or 70mm, 900 or 1400 rpm. (220V) Reversible or irreversible types are available (only with the 70mm 900rpm stator) For gates up to 5.0m and 250kg per gate leaf. For the professional sector Available with 12 - 24 - 110 - 220V Grease lubrication For residential use Easy installation Designed to fit with any type of gate Easy[...]


[Taiwan]HDF Door Skin

We offer more than 13 models of Molded HDF Door Skin with premier coating. Thethickness is 3.2mm, length is 2150mm and width is different with models.[...]


[Taiwan]MDF Door frame Set.

We offer MDF Door Frame Set with architrave (door casing) with premier coating. The width is for the wall thickness from 10cm to 25cm.[...]


[Taiwan]Prefinished HDF Door SKin

WE are making for more than 13 models of Prefinished HDF Door skin texture with Oak, Teak , Walnut color. This is made in Taiwan with high techinical and elegant looking.[...]