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[China]ground-heating pipes of PE-X,PE-RT

We are Zhejiang Qiai Tubing Industry Co.,ltd. in China and manufacture and export: PP-R pipe and fittings; Aluminium plastic composite pipes; ground-heating pipes of PE-X,PE-RT; die-casting copper fittings; brass valves; bibcocks; tools(hot-melt machine,scissor,spring,round maker,pump for pressure measurement) Pls don't hesitate to contact us.[...]


[China]Intelligent control for solar water heater system sp25

Inputs and Outputs 1.Inputs signal (1)Temperature sensor on top of tank T1 (2)Temperature sensor on collector T2 (3)Temperature sensor on bottom part of tank T3 2.Output controlling (1)Electrical booster (2)Circulation 1 (p1) (3)Circulation 2 (P2) Main functions 1. Time display 2. Temperature display 3. Temperature difference controlled circulation 4. Hot water timing circulation at three preset time sections 5. Timing heating at three preset time sections 6. Frost protection 7.[...]


[China]Intelligent control for solar water heater system sp26

Main technical data 1.Dimension:170mm*148mm*40mm 2.Self power consumtion:<2w 3.Measuring accuracy of temperature : about 2 degrees centigrade. 4.Temperature range of meassurement:0-99 degrees centigrade. 5.Power of auxiliary electrical booster:less than 2000W (standard collocation),less than 3000W(not standard,selection available) Main functions 1. Time display 2. Temperature display 3. Timing heating at three time sections 4. Manual heating 5. Memory protection when power of failure[...]


[China]Intelligent control for solar water heater system sp27

Main functions 1. Time display 2. Water temperature display 3. Water level display 4. Auto mode 5. Water level pre-setup 6. Manual water loading 7. Temperature controlled water loading 8. Timing water loading 9. Water loading when tank is lack of water 10. Compulsive water loading 11. Increasing water pressure during water is loaded 12. Manual heating 13. Timing heating 14. Hot water circulation 15. Hot water pipe insulation 16. Low pressure protection 17. Collector tube protection 18.[...]


[China]flat panel heat collector for solar water heater

Specification: 1.Flowering tube : copper with 11mm diameter ,and 0.7 mm thickness. 2.Head tube: copper with 25mm diameter ,and 0.75mm thickness. 3.Cover glass: tempered glass with 5mm thickness. High translucent ,good insulation, tightly for long time. 4.Bottom insulation: rock wool with 30mm thickness. 5.Side insulation: foam 6.Thick back sheet : galvanized steel sheet 7.Frame: aluminum alloy 8.Working pressure: 0.6MPA 9.Treated[...]


[China]Super conductional heatpipe split solar water heater

Features: 1.super conduction heat pipe collector. 2.material of bracket: stainless steel profile bar. 3.work station system: including circulation pump, flow calculator, intelligent controller,manometer,bulge pot,safety valve etc. 4.working pressure: less than 0.6 mpa. 5.water tank: pressure water tank.with a group of copper coil.with a magnesium bar to get rid of boiler sscale. P/T valve. 6.inner tank material: enamel ,outer tank material: high-quality color steel plate. 7.for 100l-150l[...]


[Polen]FAKORA MOC KZ-3 - 32,6kW

FAKORA MOC KZ-3 - 32,6kW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!![...]


[Polen]Kessel ATMOS DC 22S - 15-22 kW

Nominalleistung: 15-22 kW Wirkungsgrad: 81-89 % Bau: Stahlkessel Der Kessel besitzt das CE Zeichen Technische Daten DC 22S Leistung (kW) 15-22 Zugbedarf (Pa) 23 Kesselgewicht (kg) 303[...]


[China]Chromed towel radiators

we can produce chromed radiators . finsihed : chromed pakcing : finsihed[...]


[Polen]Devireg Touch

Devireg already TOUCH Eltom our offer. - Easy to use and program - Sleek design can be adapted to other devices on the wall (switches, sockets, etc..) - Intuitive touchscreen - Economical - 5 year warranty - The "leave" the determination date of departure and return - The "Protection Frost " - Ability to read the menu before you buy the software that can be installed on a computer or smartphone Ability to work with third-party floor sensors - Aube, Devi, Eberle, Ensto,[...]