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[Polen]Weiche Schlaufengrifftaschen

Die weichen Schleifenhandgriff-Taschen sind vielfältig einsetzbar und sehr geeignet für die Durchführung umfangreicher. Viele verschiedene Farbkombinationen, die auf den einzigartigen Blick auf die Tasche, die Sie chosen.These Taschen haben Mitmachen eignen sich besonders für die Durchführung großer Kleidung, Kisten usw. Diese Art der Tasche kann mit LDPE oder MDPE hergestellt werden. flekso Druck ist 6 Farben Dicke: 0,04 bis 0,07 mm Breite: 350-600 mm Höhe: 400-500 mm Menge von 10 000 Stück.[...]


[Polen]Folientasche T-Shirt

- Abmessungen: Breite: 160-400 mm Seitliche Registerkarte: 60-90 mm Höhe: 330-650 mm   - Stärke: Je nach der Größe 9-15 Mikron - Druck: Flexo-1 / 0-4 / 0 (idealerweise 1 / 1-4 / 4) Kontakt Folflex +48 89 751 35 87[...]


[Polen]Plastikbeutel mit Druck

Plastikbeutel mit Druck Griff: Markt, DKT, weiche Schleife Maße: Breite 25 bis 65 cm, Höhe 30 bis 55 cm Folie: MDPE oder LDPE Die Filmdicke: 30-70 Mikron Farbfolie: weiß mit Farbe Flexodruck: bis zu 6 Farben Virtualisierung Taschen auf Anfrage. Herstellung von Druck: Polymermatrices Individuelle Preisgestaltung. Kostenloser Transport in der polnischen. Kontaktieren Folflex Kunststoffverarbeitung Tel. +48 89 751 35 87[...]



We offer service in the scope of: 1.Tooling – standard steel, stainless steel, coloured steel GRINDERS - polishing- maximal gabarit 2m x 1m x 0,7 GATE GRINDERS -treating in 3 planes with a possibility of angular polishing on the lateral sides MILING MACHINES - miling- maximal gabarit 3m x 1,2m x 1m, tolerance till 0.05mm GATE MILING MACHINE - treating in 3 planes, ungular miling BORER - maximal gabarit 1m x 1m, tolerance 0.01mm CO-ORDINATE DRILL - maximal gabarit[...]


[Indien]Handmade Paper From India

We are a company dedicated to the manufacture and supply of exquisite Hand Made Papers and its converted products. Some of the papers that we work with are as follows: *Cotton Colored Paper * Metallic Paper * Banana Paper * Crinkle Paper * Silk Paper * Embroidered Paper * Lokta Paper * Tie and Dye Silk Papers * Mulberry Paper * Tshasho Paper * Deckle Edged Paper * Jute Paper * Sisal Paper * Leaf Imprint Paper * Leatherette Paper * Wool Paper * Floral Inclusions Paper *[...]


[China]Sell cooler box rotomolded

Made of food grade LLDPE with foam inside .We can also make products as per your design.[...]


[Polen]Sell Palletizer

Using an innovative concept (patent pending), the ZA-50 palletizer automatically stacks bags, cases, or bales on a pallet. Layers are deposited on the pallet concurrently with the assembly of the next layer, meeting high production requirements, in low-cost/high-value package. This model palletizing system uses modular components for a wide range of capabilities and a flexible layout.[...]


[China]Officinal PET/PE coated film

Officinal PET/PE coated film Due to PE has good heat sealing ability, it can not obstruct the gas but it can obstruct the fluid very well. It is good for fluid medicine packing. Some factories used old glass bottles before, it has two fatal defects: 1.It is easy broken when you are opening. 2.The fluid in it is easy to expanded and crash the bottle when it has fermented. So it will damage the product packaging. Officinal PET/PE coated film has kept away from the two defects above.[...]



The machine carries out the following functions: - Forms container of polymeric materials; - Doses and fills out paste-like products (e.g.: sour cream, yoghurt, melted cheese, mayonnaise, jam, etc.); - Cover and seals lids from the laminated aluminium foil; - Depending on volume of a doze cuts down 9, 6 or 4 boxes. Dimensions of packages: 100g 200g -Length 95mm 95mm -Width 63mm 63mm -Height[...]



Automatic wrapping machine is designed for making a sleeve of polyethylene film and locating piece products in it with following closing (sealing). Packed food-stuffs: wafer cups with ice-cream (ø65xø39xø76) and other food-stuffs by the piece Dimension of packages: -Length: 100-240 mm; -Width: 55-210 mm; -Height: 10-70 mm. Technical characteristics: Maximum output capacity- 90 packs/min Dimensions- 3700x900x1600 mm Weight- 370 kg[...]