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[Südkorean]Digital Alcohol Tester (Detector)

** Digital Alcohol Tester (Detector) (CA2000)** HIGHLY RELIABLE, ACCURATE & QUICK BREATH ALCOHOL ANALYZER PRODUCT SYNOPSIS CA-2000 is an unique & highly-sophisticated alcohol analyzer utilizing the variation of electrical property value of the oxide-semiconductor when the alcohol substance is detected. And, with the development of new ceramic material combined with relevant catalyst, it can selectively analyze the alcohol concentration to the ppm unit existing in the human[...]


[China]sell neodymium magnet

We can manufacture all kinds of neodymium magnets. We can meet you your special requirement in the dimension and properties. We are Ningbo Zhaobao Magnet Co.,Ltd., which is specialized in the research, production, application and development of permanent magnetic materials. The product of capacity (NdFeB) is 1200Tons per year. We adopt advanced low oxygen and first-class production equipments and testing system. So we can supply practically all types of NdFeB permanent magnets. Our quality[...]


[China]Sell spotlight/jump start/working light with LED/camping lantern/air compressor

SY-2023 500,000/750,000/1,000,000CP Rechargeable Spotlight Bulb: 6V 25W/35W/55W H3 Include One AC-DC Adaptor & Car Adaptor SY-2024 500,000/750,000/ 1,000,000CP Rechargeable Spotlight Bulb:6V 25W/35W/55W H3 Include One AC-DC Adaptor & Car Adaptor SY-2025 3,500,000/5,000,000/ 10,000,000CP Rechargeable Spotlight Bulb:6V 4 AH 100W/150W H3 Include One AC-DC Adaptor & Car Adaptor SY-2026 5,000,000/10,000,000CP Rechargeable Spotlight Bulb:6V 7AH 100W/150W[...]


[China]sell Wide angle lens 0.45X 52mm

Wide-angle lenses are great for capturing the expanse of a mountain view, or for giving one an appreciation of the entirety of an organism's habitat.? Specification of our wide angle lens as follow: 25mm 0.45X wide angle lens 27mm 0.45X wide angle lens 28mm 0.45X wide angle lens 30mm,30.5mm,34mm,37mm,43mm,46mm,49mm,52mm,55mm,58mm,62mm,72mm 0.45X wide angle lens[...]


[China]Fisheye lens

We provide the fisheye lens. Fisheye lens distorts straight lines into ridiculous curves. Straight lines, depending on where they are in the photo can be pulled a lot, a little, or not at all. The farther they are from the the center line of the photo, the more distortion there is. The closer the line is to the midpoint of the X or Y axis of the lens, the straighter the line will be. Specification of our fisheye lens as follow: *37mm 0.42X fisheye lens; *72mm,82mm 0.7X fisheye lens[...]


[China]sell projector lens

Projector lens 0.65X is used for Epson projector. Total length of the projector lens is 109.2mm,external diameter of small end is 77mm,external diameter of big end is 134mm[...]


[China]sell Telephoto lens

Telephoto lens has a narrower angle of view,it thus gives apparent magnification to objects,it also seems to compress distant things, and there is less depth of field. The most obvious is to allow photographs of distant organisms to be made. Specification of our telephoto lens as follow: *25mm,27mm,28mm,30mm,30.5mm,34mm,37mm,43mm,46mm,49mm,52mm,55mm,58mm,62mm,72mm 2.0X telephoto lens; *37mm 2.5X and 3.0X telephoto lens; *52mm 3.0X telephoto lens;[...]


[China]FS00008 for iPad TPU Anti Gloss Skin Crystal Case Cove

This Apple iPad "Crystal Case" ( also know as "Candy Skin") will fully protect your iPad. Made with great TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) material, this case is not only durable, long lasting, but also equips the device with a soft and comfortable surface. Easy to install; it only takes a second to pull the corners of the case over the iPad! What's more, such a kind of case has a unique feature with anti gloss appearance.[...]


[China]MK1 series thermal protector

Application Field: Typical temperature sensitivity characteristics A special feature of the MK1 series is that the switch is a temperature-sensitive switch. In normal operation and loads up to nominal current, self-heating of the switch is extremely low. Therefore the lowering of the switching temperature caused by self-heating will be within the NorminalSwitchingTemperature tolerance. The Product Sells Point: ◎ Compact & Pressure Stable: Ideal for installation in limited space,[...]


[China]Wall mount adapter 7W

* Input Voltage: 90~264 Vac Maximum. * Input Frequency: From 47~63 Hz. * Single Output:3V, 5V, 9V, 12V , Maximum 7W. * Efficiency: Min 70% * Ripple/Noise : 60~240mVp-p * Protection: SCP, OCP * Safety: UL , CCC , CE , TUV[...]

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