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[Taiwan]Multi-Function Safety alert

Multi-Function Safety alert was awarded the gold medal by America's largest invention show in Pittsburgh in 1999. Its funcations includes belows: Designed with a stable 120 degree setup for optimum light-reflection. the effect is superior to regular reflectors and provides more protection for you and your vehicle. Applicable in road emergencies, when changing tires, for indicating road obstructions and illuminating maintenances sites. SELF-PROTECTION DEVICE Made of high density material,[...]


[Ungarn]Sicherheits Weste

Sicherheits Weste aus kunstoff in citrone-gelb und in orange arben, in eine grösse aber "stellbar"! ( EU genormt )[...]


[China]long distance parking system

1, the long distance card is the only one which accord with national wireless control, that used for the parking lot management in the domestic. 2, quick speed to read card, long distance reading card, the reading distance can be controlled, good of direction-sense. 3, be free from the limitation of the vehicle protection, be applicable to all vehicles 4, have no mutual interference between read and write machine . 5, can be used in all complicated engineering spot 6, good function of the[...]



In Frankreich haben allein die Lastkraftwagen die Verpflichtung davon seit der Verallgemeinerung der Warnblinklichter auf allen Fahrzeugen. Dennoch erweist er sich als sehr nützlich, wenn man sich in einer Kurve angehalten oder danach befindet. Ein wirksames Mittel zu benachrichtigen gelingt eben den Autofahrern und so einen anderen Unfall zu vermeiden. Man muß ihn auf 30 Meter Minimum und falls nötig vor der dem Unfall vorangehenden Kurve setzen. Das Dreieck soll in 100 Metern deutlich sein. Mit[...]


[Frankreich]Kit of depannage Express

Including kit: - BAG. - LAMP. - CROWBARS OF BATTERIES. - A LAMP. - ROPE. The necessities in a contingency to manage only, in the most common awkward situations.[...]


[Frankreich]Anti Drowsy Alert Driver

We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as manufacturer of Anti drowsy alert device called NO NAP your life guard on long drive. Purpose of introducing NONAP Thousands of people are killed on our national highways each year. Many of these accidents are a result of drivers falling asleep at the wheel. Now finally, we think that there is an answer to this devastating problem! NO NAP. Function of NO NAP 90% of accidents occur due to driver error and driver drowsiness is the major one[...]


[China]Solar Road Stud

Solar Road Stud BLY-4006 Main Function : Environmental friendly & convenient design, easy to use No need to cover lines up, zero cost for operation,all need is sunshine High Brightness with 4 super bright yellow LED High efficiency solar cell and high temperature Ni-MH battery,no pollution. Special drive and protective circuit,maintenance free Adopt light sensor to controlled light automatically Turns on at night and off during daytime automatically Suitable to fix in high-way,[...]






[China]Door Opener Barrier Gate Access Entery System

Automatic Gate Operator professional manufacturer in China. We offer all kinds of automatic gate operator: Sliding gate operator, Swing gate operator, Rolling gate operator, Shutter & Rolling gate operator, Sectional Garage Door Operator, Automatic traffic barriers[...]


[China]solar singal lights for ROADS & RAILWAYS & AIRPORTS & OTHE

We produce various solar singal lights & solar alarm lamps for ROADS & RAILWAYS & AIRPORTS & OTHERS. We do OEM & ODM for worldwide clients. We will e-mail you our catalogues for your initial reference if you connect with us. Shanghai Lucky CO., LTD Our Solar Lights : Solar Street Lights, Solar Garden Lights, Solar Courtyard Lights, Solar Lawn Lights, Solar Pest Killer Lamps, Solar String Lamps, Solar Signal Lights, Solar Flashlights. Our Solar[...]