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Land: Weissrussland
Region: Weissrussland
Ort: Минск
Straße: 2-ая Шестая Линия, д. 11
Telefon: +375 17 2902556
Fax: +375 17 2902559
Firm Rank: 0

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Land: Weissrussland
Region: Weissrussland
Ort: Vitebsk
Straße: Jeskova
Telefon: +375 297 159317
Firm Rank: 0
Dear Sir or Madam, Let me introduce our self. I am Pavel Denisov, the director of Belorussian company. Our company was engaged in 1998 and represented in wholesale trading of household equipment, especially used and returned. Also we have professional service base. So, we are searching partners for long-term cooperation. We are very strongly interested in all types of home appliances, mainly b-ware (c-ware possible too), in any condition. Also having wide kontacts in Belarus and Russia[...]