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Branche:Metalurgie & Hüttenkunde


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Arzient Sdn Bhd more

Land: Malaysia
Region: Malaysia
Ort: Ampang
Straße: No 28-1B, Jalan UP 1/5, Ukay Perdana
Telefon: +60 3 41088804
Firm Rank: 0
Arzient Sdn Bhd is a member of RIA Group of Companies based in Malaysia. Arzient was formed in 2004 to focus on international business. We initially deal in medical disposable products under the brand names "Arzient Medicare" and "RIA Medicare". Our core client is from Middle East countries. We have taken the trouble to source for the products, always insisting on independently certified quality healthcare products from Malaysia, China and Indian manufacturers. We leverage[...]