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Rosik Justyna i Józef .sp.c.

[Polen]Metal Spinning,Spun Metal.

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Our company offers doing various types of plastic and mechanical metal working, especially roll flowing, stamping, turning, milling, cold roll forming, cutting, sawing, polishing, grinding, welding, soldering, fusion welding and spinning of spare parts, elements, good, accessories, advertising gadgets together with assembling and metal finishing.
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Model/Article number:Produkcja usługowa
Place of origin:Poniec
Brand:Rosik jR
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Price Terms:kalkulacja


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Rosik Justyna i Józef .sp.c.

Straße:Szkolna 2-B
Telefon: +48 65 5731595
Fax: +48 65 5731595


Name und Vorname: Justyna Rosik
Telefon: +48 65 5731595
Handy: +48 604789338
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