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Branche:Energetik & Rohstoffe


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Vest Design Pty Ltd more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Port Elizabeth
Straße: Ries Street
Telefon: +27 41 4862007
Fax: +27 41 4862008
Firm Rank: 0
We are an import export company specializing in the recycling, import and export of rubber compound, plastic, tiles and various other materials. We specilaize in the import/export of unvulcanised rubber compounds, bagomatic bladders and rubberized friction as well as the wholesale of porcelain and sandstone tiles.[...]

Myco Ltd more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Dakar
Straße: Liberty 44
Telefon: +221 560 8333
Firm Rank: 0
I would like to apply through this medium for your co-operation to secure an opportunity to invest and to go into joint business partnership with you. I have a substantial capital I honourably intend to invest with you into a very lucrative business venture based on your advise and directive.[...]

Vicksburg Natural Resources DC Ltd. more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Lagos
Straße: 2 Benson Close
Telefon: +234 802 3140405
Fax: +1 471 2400419
Firm Rank: 0
Vicksburg Natural Resources trades primarily in mineral ores and agricultural produce such as - lead, zinc and copper ores, zircon sand, feldspar, and on the agricultural side - cocoa shell powder and cake, dried split ginger, sesame seed, betelnut etc. We are in a position to source either category of product for the export market and are always looking to form strong partnerships with credible and responsible contacts in the South East Asian market especially.[...]

Afnetimex Export South Africa more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Johannesburg
Telefon: +27 066 3842186
Fax: +27 086 4166501
Firm Rank: 0
We have wholesale facilities / arrangement in this field to insure the most competitive products and outstanding quality. We provide good quality products at very reasonable prices. If you are interested in any item, please inform without any hesitation. Quotes/ Price list are available on request for your inspection and evaluation. We are looking forward to serve your order, working together with the aim for a profitable long-term trading relationship.[...]

Ashwood International more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Cape Town
Straße: Washington
Telefon: +27 21 6861749
Fax: +27 21 6861749
Firm Rank: 0
Good day Sir My name is Nischal Bachu from South Africa. I would like to supply you with leather from my country. My company has 20 years trade experience with China. Our leather is in small sizes (leather offcuts & Scrap). It comes from the furniture and automotive industry. We have already made business with some Chinese glove manufacturers. They are always satisfied with our leather. I can suppy you with any more information you require eg: freight costs, price per unit etc. I[...]

ProtxL Africa more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Fourways
Straße: Sunset Blv
Telefon: +27 82 8887633
Fax: +27 82 8849135
Firm Rank: 0
It is the ProtxL Africa (Pty) Ltd, vision and plan to demonstrate by global application in all industries where the common practice of regular oil change on machinery that has been left over from the 1920s can be readily changed to an annual or by-annual oil change with full management of the oil life cycle so industry can meet their Triple Bottom Line responsibilities and contribute to meeting Kyoto Treaty Protocol requirements for the reduced production of used hydrocarbons. Part of the product[...]