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Branche:Landwirtschaft & Gärtnerei


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Shining Future Trading and Projects cc more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Johannesburg
Straße: The MonteCasino Boulevard
Telefon: +27 10 5008539
Fax: +27 86 6100000
Firm Rank: 0
Shining Future Trading and Projects has been offering the very finest in top quality products and customer service for many years. Shining Future Trading and Projects is conglomerate of numerous fields and we cover areas such as gemstones, copper, diamond, scrap metals, bulk supply, agro products etc. We have provided our numerous customers around the globe with quality service characterized by truth and honesty. Quality is an important force leading to organizational success and company growth[...]

Vicksburg Natural Resources DC Ltd. more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Lagos
Straße: 2 Benson Close
Telefon: +234 802 3140405
Fax: +1 471 2400419
Firm Rank: 0
Vicksburg Natural Resources trades primarily in mineral ores and agricultural produce such as - lead, zinc and copper ores, zircon sand, feldspar, and on the agricultural side - cocoa shell powder and cake, dried split ginger, sesame seed, betelnut etc. We are in a position to source either category of product for the export market and are always looking to form strong partnerships with credible and responsible contacts in the South East Asian market especially.[...]

Jimfornah Co more

Land: Südafrika
Region: Südafrika
Ort: Accra GHANA
Straße: Spintex Market Avenue
Telefon: +233 243 65421234
Firm Rank: 0
We are a family group of companies that has been in this our field for over 2 years now and we deals on agricultural products and beverages and chemicals for food storages, and we have companies around west africa.[...]