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Racionál Kft more

Land: Ungarn
Region: Ungarn
Ort: Orosháza
Straße: Kisszik u.2.
Telefon: +36 68 473618
Fax: +36 68 473618
Firm Rank: 0
Let us take this opportunity to introduce our company in hope of a joint cooperation in the future. We are the Racional Trade and Producing Ltd in Hungary, specialising in processing and sale of goose and duck down and feathers (grey and white, washed or raw). Our company was established in 1992, the owner are Mr. Janos Henzsel and Mr.Béla Angyal who are running the business. Our company was established in 1992. We are interested in export sale and import purchase too and entertain business[...]

Malupe Agro LTd. more

Land: Ungarn
Region: Ungarn
Ort: Csólyospálos
Straße: Kossuth 104.
Telefon: +36 77 486387
Firm Rank: 0

Adimex-Multiprofil Ltd. more

Land: Ungarn
Region: Ungarn
Ort: Budapest
Straße: P.O.Box 64.
Telefon: +36 1 4540824
Fax: +36 1 2439996
Firm Rank: 0
We are a wholesale company dealing with building and interior desing products. Our main partners are DIY shops and furniture factories. Typical items: folding doors, sliding doors, wall panels, fly curtains, window boards, aluminium frame profile systems and small gadget DIY items. Our brand names: "multiprofil", "1 Minute" We are looking for contact with producers of the above mentioned products.[...]

Harp's Kft. more

Land: Ungarn
Region: Ungarn
Ort: Szolnok
Straße: József Attila
Telefon: +36 56 410916
Fax: +36 56 410916
Firm Rank: 0
Our company was established in 1994. We offer different types of animal repellers. Our products are environment-friendly, free from chemicals and don't kill animals, just repell them. We offer you a solution against dogs, cats, birds, mice, rats, other rodents and insects. Most of our products emits different sounds (audible or ultrasonic), which scare the animals away.[...]