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Renaissance Arts Company Limited more

Land: Malta
Region: Malta
Ort: M'Scala
Straße: 3, Triq il-Hut
Telefon: +356 21 632623
Fax: +356 21 632623
Firm Rank: 0
Renaissance arts company limited (malta) offers wooden, porcelain & glass European artisan works. Currently we are focusing on expanding our small & larger oak barrels, wooden kegs and wine casks and creating other wine & whiskey related gifts made from wood, glass & iron such as wine bottle holders and butlers, mouthblown glass dispensers and oil and vinegar cruets. Other works include glass bottles and cruets for oil and vinegar. We can also make prototypes, projects and quantity[...]

FairTech Ltd more

Land: Malta
Region: Malta
Ort: Valletta
Straße: FairTech Ltd 120 St. Ursula Street
Telefon: +356 356 79003960
Firm Rank: 0
FairTech Ltd is extremely proud to be the official representative of Regent Lighting in the Maltese, Regent products have been renowned for having superb professional lighting appropriate for all types of spaces. Each light has been carefully designed in accordance to their customer's needs, while incorporating the latest trendsetting design, functionality and technology to perfection.[...]