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Philpo Inc more [Englisch] [Deutsch]

Land: Philippinen
Region: Philippinen
Ort: Puerto Princesa
Straße: Bancao 2x
Telefon: +63 917 5751959
Fax: +852 817 58064
Firm Rank: 0
Philpo Inc. hat deutsches/polnisches und philippinisches Management. Wir suchen Kooperationspartner fuer unsere Hauptprodukte ( Marmor, Schmuck aus Perlen/Korallen, phil. Handarbeiten,elektronische Zigaretten, usw.) und bieten OEM an. Ebenfalls agieren wir ale Ihr Agent/Einkaufsbuero etc. hier oder in anderen ASEAN Laendern. Sie haben Produkte, die hier vermarktet werden sollen? Kontaktieren Sie uns![...]

Ko Ree Plastics Corp. more

Land: Philippinen
Region: Philippinen
Ort: Mariveles, Bataan
Straße: Phase 2, Block 25, 11 th Ave., Bataan Economic Zone
Telefon: +63 47 9356871
Fax: +63 47 9356632
Firm Rank: 0
We are one of the leading Korean exporter of photo, picture frames, and mould company and have founded new factory in Philippines last year. At present we are a registered company in Bataan Economic Zone with pioner status in frame moulding industry in the Philippines.[...]

A&R Craft Philippines Inc more

Land: Philippinen
Region: Philippinen
Ort: Quezon City
Straße: Lot 10 Block 210 Labayane Street, North Fairview Park,
Telefon: +6 32 4175842
Fax: +6 32 9517994
Firm Rank: 0
A&R Craft Philippines Inc., an Energetic manufacturer and exporter of Philippine Giftwares and Decorative Craft products. We specialize in the production of Gift Packaging, Novelties & Crafts, Holiday Decors - Christmas, Easter & Halloween, Everyday, Functional, and All-Seasoned products utilizing different indigenous materials abundant in our country. Some of our products exported globally are; * Trays, Pouches * Boxes, Canisters * Handpainted Tins * Paper Mache items * Glittered[...]

Ceburloloy.com Philippines more

Land: Philippinen
Region: Philippinen
Ort: Cebu City
Straße: 2/F Arcenas Bldg, Colon Street
Telefon: +63 919 2303403
Fax: +63 32 2538046
Firm Rank: 0
Ceburloloy is a company based in Cebu City Philippines. We are exporting quality philippine handicrafts and fashion accessories. We can assure you top quality items, all handcrafted to perfection. We have the edge of being based in a country that boasts of its rich natural resources and skilled people. We offer very competitive prices specially for wholesalers. [CEBURLOLOY.COM Philippines] Exporter of Quality Philippine Handicrafts & Fashion Accessories Handmade bag, Women bag,[...]

Unique Novelties and Toys Corporation more

Land: Philippinen
Region: Philippinen
Ort: Quezon City, Philippines
Straße: 15 Zorra Street, Paltok, SFDM,
Telefon: +63 2 3735001
Fax: +63 2 3717605
Firm Rank: 0
Activity: Importer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Exporter Product Line: 1. Gift Items-UNIQUE COLLECTION angel/ballerina figurines, 2. Novelties-Windchimes, magnetic memo holders, balancers, swing mobiles 3. Housewares, Kitchenwares, Kitchen gadgets, Tongs, Scrapers, BBQ Griller, Pottery Cookware, Frying Pan Sets, Cutlery Sets 4. Photo Frames – glass, plastic, wood, polystone, brass 5. Hardware – Metal Hooks, Screwdrivers, Rubber floor mats 6. Men’s Accessories - Travel Organizers,[...]