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Land:Burkina Faso

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etasif gold mining sar more

Land: Burkina Faso
Region: Burkina Faso
Ort: ouagadougou
Straße: 12 ouaga
Telefon: +226 61 695172
Fax: +226 61 695172
Firm Rank: 0
etasif sarl bf is a gold mining local company based in mali and burkina faso as it head office. we have field in 10 localities where our mines operate . we also represent an local and villages mining groups we help gold buyers to source for supply . we are welcoming investors and gold buyers to contact us for gold purchase we do have some offer at hand now more details upon request skype me at alpha0113 alpha conte t[...]

SM Consultant Bf more

Land: Burkina Faso
Region: Burkina Faso
Ort: Ouagadougou Burkina Faso
Straße: Ouaga 09
Telefon: +226 70 388494
Firm Rank: 0
S. M consultanct is a premier consultancy firm in Burkina Faso that offers a comprehensive range of services for chartered accountants including audits, corporate consultancy, advice and planning concerning tax and company law matters, as well as various outsourced activities for corporate and non-corporate. A Word about Us S.M Consultant is distinguished providers of financial advisory services. The firm represents a coalition of specialized skills that is geared to offer sound financial solutions[...]