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Kids in Style more

Land: Niederlande
Region: Niederlande
Ort: Enschede
Straße: Ledalaan 43
Telefon: +31 6 52333085
Fax: +31 84 7287623
Firm Rank: 0
Our company is an importer/distributor and wholesaler specialized in baby and kids products, like; bedding textile, sleeping bags, hooded towels, blankets, accessories and art for decorating baby rooms etc. At this time we represent the label Mjojo - kids comfort and the work of a Dutch artist. In 2006 we will start our own label "Kids in Style" and are still looking for products which we can add to our portfolio and strengthens our position in our market. During 2007/2008 we have plans[...]

Sky Phoenix more

Land: Niederlande
Region: Niederlande
Ort: Arnhem
Straße: Eemslaan 73
Telefon: +31 06 29443100
Firm Rank: 0
We are providing intermedia service as a broker helping all clients worldwide sourcing from China. We are specialized in digital products, kitchen accessories, knives sets, shoes, clothing and ect. We wish to delivery our superior service to our clients. We have a wide contact with Chinese manufacturers, whichs means we will provide you the most competitive products you are looking for to import.[...]